meet Tolstoy! A new integration to make lead management easy

Hello everyone!

Excited to share the release of Tolstoy in the app marketplace!

Tolstoy allows people to create interactive videos to better engage their audiences, creating asynchronous, face to face conversations.

Besides providing people with the ability to create personalized conversations, Tolstoy videos also collect and qualify lead information; and now you can sync our data with! With our integration, Tolstoy makes it easy to automatically update your teams whenever new leads come in, or existing leads take some kind of action.

Our users who have downloaded the Tolstoy app are already seeing success, check out our case study to see how the Homiee team increased lead submissions and reduced their homepage bounce rate with Tolstoy.

What we’re so excited about is how versatile Tolstoy can be. From automating Customer Success Management, to onboarding, recruitment, and more people are using Tolstoy and seeing success in so many ways. You can even check out this AMAZING TikTok showcasing how Tolstoy can help for eCommerce!

If you’re wondering how Tolstoy could look on your dashboard (it is up to you to set it up as you please), check out an example board below:

Given’s flexibility and Tolstoy’s potential to work in many verticals, we truly believe many of you will greatly enjoy our app, so go ahead and give Tolstoy a try. We are always happy to receive suggestions and eager to help any of you with whatever questions you may have.


Hey @joelrabi :wave:

My warmest welcome to the community forum, and thanks for sharing your app’s release with us! I’m happy to see you join our marketplace with this solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the journey with us.


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Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for your message, really does make us feel welcome :smiley: Hope everyone can enjoy and benefit from using our app, and have a fun experience with it as well.

Thanks for being a part of our journey,


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