Mobile app Launch from URL

I am currently trying to send out a text message (Twillio) that contains a link to a board or a pulse which works if viewd on a laptop however on IOS it launchs in your default web browser which instructs you to download the mobile app.

I would like it to instead have it launch the mobile app to that board or pulse.

I have seen it before were it does this with other apps such as instagram or facebook… is there a need url shortcut or extension? Is this possible with the current app conifguration?

Looking for some way to open a board or pulse via a text message… Thanks.

Hey @jackjack2202 - can you share an example of this link if you don’t mind?

I know iOS is a bit specific about how it wants URL sometimes in order for it to be ‘caught’ by apps, but I can check in with the team to make sure.


Hello @dsilva

It would be a simple open item link. This way in our use case, a construction worker can click the link in a text / notification and have the app open to the outstanding items.


Hey @jackjack2202 :wave:

I’m afraid that at the time, our iOS app doesn’t support opening from direct web links just yet. This is something we’re aware of on our end, but to be transparent with you, I am not able to commit to an ETA or even a rough timeline just yet.