Hi All,

We are an Event and Films agency, looking for a specialist to talk to, to better understand:

• How to use the Gannt feature to pull from subsections’ timelines to highlight a clash in resource
• A way to create a Gannt of multiple projects/boards to track project progression

Ideally, we’d like to have an intro hour to talk through our problem and for the specialist to present back a solution, which we can then progress to implement.


Hi @ToucanAgency - welcome to the community! The use of Gannt charts in monday is pretty straightforward in looking singular projects or combining for higher level portfolio views. As it relates to resource utilization, the Workload view is also quite handy depending on your setup and process.

We are happy to assist where needed to get you moving in the right direction. Feel free to book a complementary session at your convenience here: Book A Discovery Session - Green Llamas Consulting

Thanks @ToucanAgency,

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Hey there @ToucanAgency and welcome to the forums!

What you are requesting is completely possible in the new CarbonTO-DO Suite. The team at CarbonWeb are proud to bring this to the community entirely FREE with our Embed Anything app included.

This tool will allow you to better manage your current projects, timelines, and daily tasks as a team through sprints!

We provide a variety of other services as well. Whether you want to discuss how we can customize this suite for you, or a large scale project full of custom components, we have the tools to help!

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please do so here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you get your environment set up!

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Ricky Tomer

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Hello @ToucanAgency,

I saw your entire post and would to love to assist you as a Monday expert.

It would be great if we connect over a call to discuss more in detail.

Kindly reach out to me via Rishabh at Plaxonic dot com


Hi @ToucanAgency :wave:

Welcome to the community!

upstream can help. We are Platinum Partners, Preferred Partners and APAC Partner of the Year for 2020. Based in Australia, we have a global staff network encompassing dedicated teams.

You’ll have access to our Solutions Engineers as well as our full stack Development Team who specialize in integrations and custom requirements. We have extensive experience in setting up Gantt charts while optimizing automation sequences to remove as much of the manual and repetitive work as possible. upstream can also help to provide you with an understanding of the Workload feature and the ways in which we can access view resource management.

Please feel free to return by email directly via alternatively you can book straight into my calendar for a meeting using the below link. I would be very interested to meet with you and better understand your objectives.

international clients - special hours

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Peta - upstream

Thanks have setup a call. All the best.

Hey, @ToucanAgency !

Gantt chart creation on monday com is typically helpful in effective project scheduling. They help you present project activities displayed against time and track project progress. By creating such charts, you can help your workforce adopt a work breakdown structure (WBS), a method of splitting large or complex processes into manageable tasks. They can also help you understand task dependencies. Moreover, the responsibilities and deadlines of tasks become more apparent to the workers and enhance task ownership.

If you’re looking to implement Gantt charts using monday tool, hiring consultants from a preferred partner company is the right choice. The consultants can create charts in a way to help you visualize task dependencies and identify potential risks.

Neelam B
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