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Is there a way to integrate OneDrive with Monday whereby all files/documents uploaded on a board gets uploaded in OneDrive too?

I’m having troubles connecting it using Make or Zapier! Would be nice if someone had the same issue and found a solution!

Hello there @ericacollantes,

I have never tried to do this, but if you want to explain what you are doing in Zapier or Make and which errors you are seeing, I can take a look and see if I can help here :grin:


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Hi @Matias.Monday ! Honestly, maybe I was just putting in random data hence the error. I really need some guide on how to set up the initial integration. I don’t understand why the Item ID can only contain 1 item? Shouldn’t it be picking up all the items in 1 selected column?

Hello again @ericacollantes,

It looks like this Make action works with one item at a time.

I am guessing there is a way to iterate through the items in the board, but since this is on Make’s end, you will need to check this with Make’s support team. They will probably be able to help you out with this :grin:

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Hi @ericacollantes,

You can use OneDrive Sync app from monday marketplace.
It will create folders in your onedrive when item is created or button is pressed, files from that item will be synced to the corresponding folder also.

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