Monday Community Private Messages disabled!

Hi, i cant figure where i can PM someone… even my previous PM and conversations with community members cant be found…

Please some of can assist me?

Hey @hlopezvc,

Sorry about this! If you select your profile in the top right hand corner, and click on the messages icon, do you have the option to send a new message to someone? Let us know!


i dont see msg icon anymore!!!

where it would be?

Thanks for sending this screenshot across, and we apologize for the confusion caused here! I was able to follow up internally, and it has been confirmed that the feature has been removed for the time being, in an attempt to encourage our users to engage with each other within the open forum :pray: That being said, we are certainly open to feedback, and if the DM feature is a valuable addition to the platform, please let us know as we are always looking to improve our community!


I strongly believe that the DM feature is important to have. Although I often redirect people to post communications to me into the open forum, not every communication should be public. It is a severe limitation to not be able to directly reach out to people anymore.

Please reactivate this feature.


Definitely agree with the sentiments of @hlopezvc and @JCorrell.

There are conversions in DMs that need to be revisited and or continued and’s decision to just remove without any head-ups doesn’t speak well of the company.

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Hopefully monday․com will decide to re-enable this way for everyone to connect directly. As others have said - not every conversation should be public and one feature of a true community is strong relationship building and networking. Not just public Q&A.

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Im certanly need sometimes to chat with someone in the forum without needing to create a topic, there are specific questions that doesnt need to be public.
Most anoying thing is that this wasnt announced, its was done directly.

Please re-activate this function.

hi @BiancaT

Looks like this forum inherits the change process from core product: make changes without telling anyone. This is a very bad practice and I agree with the other here that we need the DM function re-activated.

On a side note: when posting to the “Share you monday apps!” subforum the posts does not show up (due to moderation?). Moderation is a good thing but it is taking a very long time and monday support does not even know who to ping to moderate the post. All of this does not help getting more involvement with the community.


@BiancaT - I echo the comments by my peers in the thread. This needs to be added back in as not all conversations are public. We as partners and general helpers to the community, sometimes we share details such as URLs and sensitive data, etc.

Please add this back asap.

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