Monday default triggers log events even if there are no changes in the cloumns

Currently, I am trying to build an integration between and the external system. But I have a question regarding the built-in triggers of monday. When I am trying to log the data when specific events occur (For example: When the button is clicked) Monday triggers give events even if the button is not clicked. Is this normal behaviour?
Is there any way to get the event data only if the trigger occurs?
Is there any way to get the event data only if the trigger occuer?

Example trigger log:

{'payload': {'blockKind': 'action', 'blockMetadata': None, 'inboundFieldValues': {'boardId': 1180565737, 'itemId': 1180565821, 'sourceColumnId': 'button', 'targetColumnId': 'text_1', 'transformationType': {'title': 'to upper case', 'value': 'TO_UPPER_CASE', 'invalid': False}}, 'inputFields': {'boardId': 1180565737, 'itemId': 1180565821, 'sourceColumnId': 'button', 'targetColumnId': 'text_1', 'transformationType': {'title': 'to upper case', 'value': 'TO_UPPER_CASE', 'invalid': False}}, 'recipeId': 30118519, 'forceNoCharge': False, 'integrationId': 64528056}}

Hello there @flowdemo,

I am not sure I understand the issue you are experiencing.

  1. You have a custom app
  2. The app has an integration feature
  3. I am guessing you have a recipe with a native trigger (button clicked) and a custom action that sends a payload to your endpoint when the button is clicked. Is this accurate?
  4. You are saying that you are getting a payload to that endpoint even when the button was not clicked. Is this accurate? What triggers that payload? Are you doing something when that happens?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply

  1. Yes. It is a custom app
  2. Yes
  3. Yes. But it is sending payload even if I don’t click the button
  4. Yes. I implemented integration recipe When button clicked → Do this
    Button triggers that payload. Here I implemented custom action we have in example app
    welcome-apps/apps/quickstart-integrations at master · yuhgto/welcome-apps · GitHub

Hello again @flowdemo

And when does the action get triggered?

Every X amount of time?

When you do something else?

When you add the recipe to a board?

Randomly many times a day?

Hi @Matias.Monday

Yes. It triggered after every x amount of time and randomly many times a day.

Hello again @flowdemo,

Thank you for that information.

In that case I am going to ask you to please open a ticket with us by sending an email to so we can take a closer look from there.

Please add in the email:

  • Account ID
  • User ID
  • App’s ID
  • Automation ID
  • An explanation of the issue
  • A timestamp of the last time this was triggered (date, hour, minute, board ID, item ID, location)
  • A screen recording explaining the issue and going through the steps you are going through is always welcomed!

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Matias.Monday . I will send an email.

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See you over there @flowdemo !