Monday dev is out of Beta!

Hi Community!

I am Ran, monday dev product manager lead. After months of hard work, updates, and feedback, I am excited to share that monday dev is out of beta!

As a reminder, monday dev was created to empower teams to customize, automate and collaborate on product development processes that will fit their own unique needs. Leveraging the power of monday workOS low-code/no-code enabled us to build a product that will give product and development teams a great experience while keeping them in sync with the rest of the organization.

Top capabilities include:

  • Sprint management and tracking progress in one place
  • Next level kanban view - we are constantly improving the kanban with new capabilities
  • Product Lifecycle Management ( including roadmap, sprints, backlog, bugs tracking, and retrospective elements)
  • Customizable real-time reports, including burndown or burnup charts
  • Seamless integrations: (including GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and Gmail)

Read up and learn more about monday dev and share your thoughts in the comments below!


Any future plans to have subitems as separate cards on the Kanban board?


Hi @adinap ,

The short answer is yes, it’s on our roadmap, but we have a few other increments to do in the Kanban first.
I suggest tracking progress on this feature request here - Subitems in Kanban View - #30 by Chris.Monday