Monday.execute notice appears to be broken

Hi Monday Team,

I’m using monday-sdk-js in my board view app and seems like notice messages are broken at the moment.

I’m seeing the following error for all types of notice messages. The sdk hasn’t been updated recently though. I’m not sure why I am getting this.

components-f77bf2ae18fe889371af.js:formatted:12319 Uncaught TypeError: ({(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)}[e] || a) is not a function
    at D.execute (components-f77bf2ae18fe889371af.js:formatted:12319)
    at D.receiveMessage (components-f77bf2ae18fe889371af.js:formatted:12051)

Any help would would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @upitchika!

It looks like the error you’re getting is not a related issue. From a quick online search, I found this Stack Overflow post about the error you’re seeing:

javascript - Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value)(...) is not a function - Stack Overflow.

Looks like it could be a syntax related issue. What happens if you include a comma after the [e] || a), before (..."error")? Does that help?

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Thanks @Helen,

Not sure what happened, it’s working fine now without changing anything. Thank you so much for looking into this for me.

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