Monday for Personal use and Freelancers

I loved when I worked in a team of developers. I started my solo way, and I can say I will really miss some Monday features as Time tracking, for example. I don’t need a team access, only a couple of guests at a time.

I request a special plan for freelancers like myself:

  • One important Pro feature - Time Tracking
  • 1 user
  • 1-2 guests.
  • Price as for 1 Pro user ($16 per month).

It’s a bit too much to pay for inexistent 4 users. 5-member teams have a great advantage given by Monday pricing over those who work solo, as they pay for existing team members who work and make money.

Of course I understand that for Monday it’s much better to get payment for 5 users even if there’s actually one, the math is quite simple. But in my case (and I guess some others too), it will be just nothing at all, 0 users instead of 1 - thanks to Corona I can’t afford 1 year Pro for 5 users.

And time tracking is the most needed feature for me from Monday (comments on tasks are good too). Maybe it’s better to get a little less money per user but from much more users?
In case if I grow as a company, and Corona-crisis ends (it will once), it will be necessary to move to 5 and more member plans. But for now - not… Your thoughts?

P.S. I have 2 days more to enjoy Monday time tracking of 7 days trial. I’ve tried a few more apps with free time tracking feature, but I’m used to Monday, I like UI here, and I’m willing to pay for that. Just not for something I never use.

Hey, there is a 2 person plan. We’re on it. I think you have to email support to ask for it to be applied to your account.


Wow, sounds good. I’ll contact support then to get more info.

Well, 2 Users is an interesting plan, but still is a little too powerful. No need for a second user in a freelancer case, guests are enough. Saving money by not paying for an unused feature is very important nowadays, so The 1 User Plan - The Freelancer plan - is a needed thing for me. And, I suppose, for many other people like me, freelancers and self-employed alike.

I’d buy 1 User Pro plan immediately if there was one.


@Aleksei - you should want 2x users. All freelancers should have at least a VA/PA or other. Your time is valued at $20, $30, $70, $200 per hour - whatever it is.

Give all those 10 p/h jobs to someone you can trust who will get them done well for you with pride and accuracy. And then you can spend more time doing what you do best, bringing in more per hour.

You won’t regret it :slight_smile:


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I would favor a little more expensive fully featured Freelancer option, pay for the features but 1 user…as a freelancer the more powerful features are important and paying for the extra users to get them is hard to accept.


Yeah, a singer user account would be great and I’d get it along side our business account for personal use, so they are leaving money on the table by not allowing it.


Alex, thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile: I’ve been using the 2-users plan for a month now, but I would prefer start paying for a second user only when he/she appears in my team. Though I see the business scheme of Monday behind it, understand it, and even had actually accepted it by buying the plan, I’d be far more glad to see Monday moving towards self-employed users, not in the opposite direction (by which, by the way, they removed even 2-users plan from the official price table).

I can definitely see a need for this, particularly from a freelancer developer point of view.

However, I think that having 5 users available for test purposes, eg. for representing Teams, is essential. The difference is that they won’t be real users. I’d set them up with test email addresses only.

There is a 7-days test period with no limitations of functionality and number of users, it’s already enough. And if you wish testing longer you definitely may buy 5-users plan.

I’m in exactly the same position, having used monday before I love the platform but now as a freelancer I can’t justify the overhead of paying for 3 seats.

If there was an option for a standard or pro plan with 1 seat. or a specific freelancer plan with the subset of the features which are specifically important to freelancers. I would pay for a year subscription now in a heartbeat, as it is I’m currently getting used another platform but I prefer monday.


Same for this. Used it for myself for a month, was about to buy it, but since I can’t have 1 user I will be finding something else. Seems shortsighted. I might come back to it someday if this is doable.

Hi @amlstuart - Sending you a PM

PM me as well ._. Really want to get back to Monday, but can’t justify paying for 2 extra users I won’t have.

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Same here!!!

I love Monday, love those features which are really useful for me to manage my OWN work.

I would pay for the single user pro if there is immediately, but now because my trial ends, and I can’t even use it, but I have to mange all those stuff on my own, so I have to move to asana as it’s free for individual.


I am in the same position, as a sole trader. Have loved the trial period functions of Standard/Pro plan, but will have to find something else. Would be willing to pay for 1 user.

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That would be great! Willing to pay for 1 user pro account.

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Thanks for the tip about Asana!

I’m the same as every other freelancer here, is great but excluding a huge demographic of individual users is phenomenally short-sighted/calculated. Like most, I used the free trial and loved the UI and wanted to purchase the Pro Plan for 1 seat – but seeing they won’t allow means I’ll cut my losses before wasting any more time and energy. It’s not enough to justify paying extortionate rates per 1 user. It’s just not financially viable in 2021 or beyond when people need to cut costs more than ever.

Off to Asana I go! Ty : )

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I’m using Monday since about a year at my Institute. Would love to use it for personal projects, but buying 3 seats doesn’t make any sense economically. Shame.


In same boat as everyone else on here : used at my last place of work - AMAZING and loved it.
Recently set up on my own and my only real option is to upgrade and pay for 3 users?!
There is only me.
Can we have pro-rated plans for just the single freelancer?

This is 2021 and the past 18 months of Covid has moved a LOT of people to freelance and “Portfolio work” (apparently the new name for Consulting - who knew!).

I’ll ping support to find out about this 2 user plan - but even then it hurts as I’ll be paying for a seat I wont use.