Monday for Personal use and Freelancers

How are you finding Asana?

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I was about to put down my credit card for the Standard tier to use Gantt charts and integrations (which I use to convert story points to timelines to make gantt charts work). Then I saw there’s a 3 seat minimum when subscribing. That’s too expensive for me when I just use Monday to manage my hobby projects, just for me.

Please consider supporting 1-seat subscriptions for the Standard tier.


The free Individual Plan is great for testing, but sooner or later, I’ll hit that 200 items limitation (up to 1000 with referrals), which is definitely not viable for the long run.

I too, would like a paid 1-seat plan.


This is the reason why I have not upgraded to any yearly plan. I really like monday, but its difficult to justify the price for multiple users that I dont need. I only need one users and I dont even need guests, but i need time tracking and other features. Sometimes I wish I saw the license model before investing so much time into this service or I probably would not use my time on it. I almost think it is kind of rude to have an individual plan just to be kind of forced over to a plan where you have to pay for multiple users to use the software since you will be hitting the limits sooner or later.


I posted about the need for an individual plan myself, and ran into this post. I’m glad to see more users feeling for a upgraded individual plan with a price point that makes sense. As much as I love the interface of I cannot justify paying for unused seats when I do not plan to have a team. I would prefer to use as an individual. After exhausting my 200 items for the free individual plan, I had no choice but to switch to ClickUp. I really hope hears the needs of individuals like ourselves because I think they are missing out on a wider market.

Hopefully something can be done about this soon.


Same for this. I really want to buy an individual plan, but it make no sense to pay for extra persons that are not there. Hope you can contact me and give me a solution.

It’s amazing that I am looking at this thread that is months old and I’m running into the same issue. On one hand, I understand that was really built for teams. That’s why they have minimums. On the other hand, I would like the software to grow with me.

I like the trial of Monday. However, I don’t wish to pay for seats I won’t be using just yet. Not that I can’t extra monthly subscription; I just won’t be in business much longer if I just waste money.

I’m looking at Notion and it looks pretty promising - especially for smaller teams and freelancers.

Me too! Still nothing!
I even emailed about a two person plan and they suggested the 3 person plan which is too expensive.
I don’t even want to use it for a business, I literally just want to use it for household management. I’m happy to pay for it because having a good tool is important to me and there are a lot of features I enjoy, but I’m not sure I am willing to pay THAT much for it.

Hopefully the more people respond to this post the better the chances someone would listen. No other tool works as well as monday, and it sucks that I have to pay for more users than I actually need. Paying for more users makes the price so crazy that I’d have to move to one of the abysmal competitors

I’m also here for this! I’ve used with several companies in the past, and I’m a huge fan. But I’m on my own as a freelancer now, and I don’t want to pay for seats that will never be used! I’d absolutely pay for Pro if they offered just 1 seat. I might go with Trello until (fingers crossed) they offer this option.

In a similar situation here: I’ve been trying out the Student plan to manage the many projects I’m involved with as a doctoral student, and finding it really useful, to the point where I would happily pay for a premium individual plan once I graduate. However, looking ahead and seeing that I would have to buy a minimum of three licenses right off the bat has me looking for alternatives.

Even though I would likely eventually be looking to use Monday in a small team (and thus, be in the market for 5-10 seats), I simply can’t justify this without the option to build out my own workflow as an individual first, nor can I justify the recurring expense of three times more licenses than I am using. While I understand that the platform is geared towards collaboration, this seems short-sighted insofar as potential future customers don’t have a real opportunity to get comfortable with the platform on their own terms.

Same here, I would love a pro plan with one seat. This the only thing holding me from fully getting onboard.

Same goes for me! I would love to have the 1 seat pro plan. I contacted support and they didn’t offer the 2 person pro plan to me. I need the formula option to calculate my invoices and the integration with Stripe is lovely. Really hope to see this in the near future.

I was just about to switch from ClickUp when I realized that, in order to get formulas, I would have to pay $48/month since there is no 1-seat option! That is INSANE! I would be willing to pay the $16/month due to all of the additional features, but being the only person using the app for my company, there is no way I will stick with it paying that much. Back to ClickUp and searching for an alternative…

I’m really bummed, because I fell in love with Monday. But, again… not paying that.

+1 for one-seat plans! Even though i’m currently a team of one, I really want to make use of everything that the pro plan offers, however being in Australia that amounts to $81 per month for me for 2 seats that I don’t use (yet).

Would love to get a pro account - but only is a 1 seat is available. MAKE IT HAPPEN :yellow_heart: :blue_heart:

How is this still not an option… So many freelancers are willing to start using a product, and probably grow into more expensive plans. You’re just alienating a potential new customers that are ready to bring their money to you. Also our clients might be potential fans of your product and take a subscription for their own use.

I’m a freelancer and I’d love to be able to offer this for 15-20 bucks/month, but now it’s closer to 50/month for three seats of which I only use one. That’s insane.

Please make this happen.

Same boat here. Right now I use Asana’s free plan, but I’d switch over if monday offered individual plans.

I get watching the bottom line. Why not charge like $24 for a pro individual plans vs the usual $16 per user? You’d be able to nab a TON of business that currently goes to other project management software. Instant sales. Individuals can’t justify $48 a month. Give them something they can afford, and watch your numbers jump. Plus you can capitalize when they grow.

I’d recommend Monday to a lot of friends, but I don’t because of the cost. If you guys ever offer a solo plan, I’d be happy to spread the word.

wow. Apparently Monday just hates freelancers, or hates money? I’m wanting to send them my money for a 1 seat plan, but they can’t be bothered to make that happen? Who is running this show? Why do they hate money so much? I have tried a number of other apps like this, but like Monday the best. they would literally be in category of ONE and corner the market for freelancers if they allowed for 1 seat plan. Hello? Anybody from Monday actually read these things?