Monday Forms on Wix

We did initially start using Monday forms on our Wix websites which worked as a dream … But … The problems we had was, firstly, you cannot make the forms any longer on the web page which does not allow for an easy workflow for someone trying to fill out a form on a small window.

And secondly, when the form is submitted we cannot get rid of Monday “links” to a page advertising Monday forms on the “submit page” i queries this and they said that is normal. I would expect that from a trial or free version and not for something we have paid for.

Discussion is already in this thread: Remove branding from Forms

same goes for thank you page. not fair… Hope they will remove it. You have two options

  1. use third party form builder like jotform that has integration with monday
  2. setup landing thank you page on your site and put the link in settings of a form

There are also a bug in thank you page form monday. After submit thank you page should take you top of the page. If you have long form on mobile it stays at the end and people doesn’t see thank you page.