Monday integrations New version managment. No access to existing integrations?

I think there is an issue with the existing integrations on apps.

If I go to the integration menu on an existing running app, it shows no integrations.
However, the integration is still running as it fires. (but cannot be modified.)

No recipe shows in the developer menu.
Either on published, or new draft of the app.

I was wanting to replicate the recipe, but seems I will need to create it from scratch.

I am not going to change anything at the moment as I dont want to break the currently running version?


I found this issue late last week.

The team are working on it at the moment and should have a fix quite soon.

Earlier today (about -3 hrs) it all looked good, no all my recipes are gone too. What do you think about the version control? Do you like it? Does it add value?

I am still struggling a bit with it and I don’t se clear benefits as of yet.

thanks for the update.

Re: the value of it. @basdebruin
The concept is useful, you can revert to a previous version if somthing is not right.
However, it is clearly still a work in progress. e.g. it would not allow a new feature in a minor version change. (which is OK once you are across it) its just frustrating when you created a new draft, but can t change things.

Then with a minor change, it was complaining about setting boards:write which was already set. but wouldnt proceed as that required a major revision… Dooh.

it protects you from modifying a rolled out feature as well. @basdebruin

The dev team have pushed an update, you should be able to see your integrations now.

I like the idea of the App Versions, it is going to bring more power to the apps framework.

For us, it has removed the need to maintaining a second ‘Beta’ app for testing, we can simply add a new version and update the URL’s to our dev servers when testing new features.

I fully agree that there is value in it. What I am struggling with is this scenario when I created a new draft version and start to make changes to it. How can I test that draft version without promoting it to live first?

When you create a draft version, you can update the URL to your dev (or leave it to your live server if you want)

You can test the draft versions on the account that you have used to develop the app. When you go to the integrations centre, it will allow you to chose from the different versions of your app.

Thanks @mitchell.hudson I thought it would work like that but unfortunately I don’t see the draft version in my development account. I will contact support to find out what is happening.

This is what we see in the Integrations Centre when adding the recipe to a board

Without the version is the Live version, and then it shows the app version if they are in draft

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