Monday is a Work OS, what does it mean?

Hi all,
What does it mean to be a Work OS?
I’ve read the blog articles, but all I understood was “it is great, it does everything”. Does it actually change anything or it is just a new name for the same online app?


Yes i dont understand what the message is either. Is it a new pricing tier?


Monday 2.0 = existing Monday + major new features (some already released, some still to come) which make it a “Work OS”.

A Work OS is the current buzzword which defines as “… a cloud-based software platform where teams create custom workflow apps to plan, run, and track processes, projects, and everyday work.”

In other words, use to get various departments collaborating more. Data locked in proprietary silos such as Salesforce and Jira can be used by everyone via and you can create your own widgets, automations, dashboards etc to customize a workflow which suits your office(s), projects and clients.

We’ve always been able to export reports from our software giving occasional snapshots of what’s happening. In this brave new Work OS world, we can have live data from our various apps at our fingertips in any format that makes the most sense to us so we can know what each other is doing. We’ve just got to get our heads around the possibilities.

Or something like that :slight_smile:

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