Monday.listen("events") missing some updates

So, in my board view app I’m trying to watch data updates in realtime by using
monday.listen(“events”, callback);
and it works for new rows and value updates. BUT, when I update first column (Name cell?) nothing triggers. Is that bug or by design? And if that by design why can’t I detect this column update?
Also I noted that if I select item and execute “move to other group (or board)” operation on it there is no event generated too. Same question here - is it bug, if not - how to detect those operations?


I think I raised valid questions, how come nobody from dev team read this?

Hey @yureckey
You are right, not all events which are happening on the board are exposed via “events” api in the SDK.
Right now we are supporting “new items” (which includes all types of creating an item, including the duplication), and “change column value”. It is documented in the SDK documentation (not in a very clear way, we will make it more clear)

We are going to add support for more events (change name, remove items, etc.) in the near future.

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Thanks. Is there chances you’ll add some of those “more events” in August (before end of Apps Challenge)?

Which events will be useful for you? “Moved to another group” and “Name changed”?

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Yes, those are seem useful “moved to another group”, “Name change”. Also “removed”, “archived”

I also need these events badly… :+1: