Monday.listen("itemIds", callback) problem


Hi there, I’ve got a problem based on that part of the documentation monday.listen .
When I trying to log out list itemIds. I only got list ids from first group of the board.
useEffect(() => {
monday.listen(“itemIds”, (res) => {
const itemIds =;
}, );
Could you help me check from my board that I’ve used. BoardId: 3809175778

Hello there @paulnguyendss,

Would you be able to please send a screen recording to

You can use Loom for it. It is free.

Please include:

  • A view of your board
  • The script you are using
  • You triggering the listener
  • The payload you get with the IDs and which items are getting sent to you

With this information we will better understand the issue and will help you look for a solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you over there!