monday.listen() on sub items

I absolutely need the ability to listen for sub item changes. Otherwise I have only the possibility of long polling which I would like to avoid as much as possible.

Is there a possibility to listen to the change of sub-items via “listen”?


Welcome to the community. If you can find out the boardId where the subitems live (e.g. by queuering the setting_str of the subitems column) you can use the subitem as “normal” items in that board. All subitems in a board do live in another board where they are just items.

Hi, thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
I think we are talking about different things.
I need to listen for changes for sub items, actually the callback of the listener only triggers if a “top” level item gets changed. If i change a sub item the callback won’t get called.

—> monday.listen(‘events’, callbackMethod);

Hi Jonas,

I am working mostly with the monday API in integrations which is a little different approach. I guess you do a listen on a particular board, don’t you. If that is the case can’t you do a listen on the board holding the subitems?


it’s a different approach - iam developing a dashboard widget (no integration).
Iam using this kind of API: GitHub - mondaycom/monday-sdk-js: Node.js and JavaScript SDK for developing over the platform

Understood. Although it is a different API usage, the underlying architecture remains the same. A subitem is just like any other item, only “living” on a different board. So, if you are able to listen to changes on the board where the subitems live you should be all fine.