Monday not logging emails when sent from Outlook desktop

I’ve run into an issue where emails are not being logged by when sent from my Outlook desktop client, but they are being logged when sent from Outlook webmail or from Emails and Activities.

This affects my main computer - it works fine on my laptop, but I really need it to work on my go-to PC. Uninstalling and re-installing Office didn’t help. I also tried using Monday’s desktop app, but that has the same issue.

If anyone could shed any light on possible causes and fixes, it would be much appreciated!

Hi @SeonK :wave:

If you ever feel like you are running into issues or weird behavior for a feature, then you will need to contact instead as we have a team specifically dedicated to Bug Busting that can help you with this!

To best help them out, please make sure you follow these steps and send them the results:

  1. Activate ‘developers mode’ through monday.labs so we can see the Automation IDs of the affected recipes:

Check out this article for more details on where to find monday.labs: What is monday.labs?

  1. After activating Developers Mode, send a screen recording of the steps you are taking, including the automation/integration you are using that does not seem to be running.

It would be very helpful to see the behavior in action—that way we’ll be able to take a closer look and try to replicate the issue from our side if necessary. You can use the online tool to record for free and then send me a link :slight_smile: Please ensure it does not include your sensitive data.

I hope this helps!


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