Monday_sdk add team as subscribers programatically

I have an integration that creates a new board and needs to assign subscribers based on a set of “personsAndTeams” fields.

One of these fields has the “HR Team” as a team.

The monday sdk (using add_subscribers_to_board) seems to ignore the team and doesnt add that group to the new board.

There doenst seem another option in the SDK is there a reason you cant add the team.

This will be a real mess attempting to do it all with individual users.

I hope there is a solution for this.

thanks in advance.

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Hey! :wave:

I’ve just tested this further on my end and I’m afraid that at the time, the API call doesn’t support adding teams as part of the query just yet. Would adding a list of users from the team as an array of IDs not work for you? Would you be able to clarify how this is not optimal for your use case?

I’d lov to pass this on as feedback to our product team, so that we can mak furthr improvements to the platform. To be transparent with you, I am not able to commit to an ETA or even a rough timeline just yet, though.


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It seems that we will be forced to implement such a solution.

To support corporate solutions Monday will need to do some work in this space. What is the point of a team construct if you can not make use of that to manage the content.

The senario is we will be creating a large number of personalised boards. The person, the manager and HR team will have access.

If we create several hundred boards with an array of HR users, and then in 6 months the HR personal change, we have to build an update process (rather than change the team members)

Fairly standard in managing corporate access to data??

Thanks for checking anyway.


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Thanks so much for your insight here and further detail about your use case! hat definitely makes sense and I’ve just passed this idea along to our product team for further review. While I can’t promise a date on when this would be implemented, I’ve also moved this topic to our feature requests section so other users can chime in :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping us improve!