Monday sdk api returning different data for same board in separate calls


I experienced another change in the monday api that broke my app again. Every 5 seconds I’m getting the board columns again and comparing the columns to see if they changed - if they do, I ask the user to reload eazyform, since at this time I’m only dealing with board changes on app load.

Within the last 24 hours, the monday api started to return inconsistent data for the labels_colors of the status column, in the settings_str. This has been reproduced on multiple boards and in multiple status columns. Calls are 5 seconds apart. See here for an example of the differences between calls in the settings_str.

I worked around that by ignoring the labels_colors key (deleting it), since, for now, I’m not using it when creating the eazyform.

I’m in the process of implementing a test suite that will also ping the monday api periodically to make sure there are no changes that affect or break my app, but I do encourage monday to do the same so we developers can get a heads up of problems or breaking changes in the api. I’m going to implement, among other things, a simple query that returns the structure of a board with all the columns I support (and their variations) and just make sure that data returned is always the same.


Hi @rbabayoff!

We have added a new property to the settings_str attribute of a status column for mapping the statutes to colors, it is important for a lot of apps to be able to render the status column correctly.
In general, when we are adding a new property we are not considering this as a breakable change of the API in oppose to remove the property.

But related to returning the “pos” attribute which is different between the calls - it was a bug, that we just fixed. Now, labels_colors returns only “color”, “border” and “var_name” which is not changing until the user is changing the configuration of the Status column.

We are going to update the API documentation page with this change soon.

Thanks for reporting an issue and sorry for the inconvenience!


Here is the update in changelog in the API documentation: