Monday SDK - item view settings return null


I’m developing an application and facing an issue regarding the ‘settings’ SDK.

I need to define a Status column as View Settings in my Board view and Item view features.

In the board view, before clicking the ‘Settings’ icon, when using:
monday.get(‘settings’).then(res => { console.log(res) };
I get the default/first values of the status column:

However, in the item view, before clicking the ‘Settings’ icon, when using the same code, I get a null instead of the default/first status value:
Just after clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon for the first time, it will then set the first by default. (In the board view, I don’t need do this initial click)

By the way, I checked the ‘Select first as default’ for both the board and item view.


Currently, the users need to click on the ‘Settings’ icon for each setup.

Any advice regarding this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @shaharsamira!

Apologies-- I’m not quite following. Do you mind sending over a quick video of where you’re clicking into the “Settings” icon?

Do you mean this part of the Item Card here:

Thanks for walking me through it!

Hi all!

This issue is a known bug that our developers will be working on soon.

While there’s no current ETA on it, it’s on our developers’ radars and we will let everyone know as soon as a fix is put in place.

For now, we recommend implementing a splash screen or something that will indicate to users that they need to first select the “Settings” icon in order for the view to work.

Thank you everyone for your patience!