Monday using Android App Camera

Hello friends, im having trouble with my field technical employees when they are uploading pics or docs to assigned pulses or tasks. have differents behaviours when you want to upload pics or docs to a pulse.


  • doesnt allow multiple files (you have to upload one by one and it takes so much time)
  • camera icon its shown, and you are allowed take pics from the cell and upload them directly.

From ARCHIVE column:

  • doesnt allow multiple files}
  • doesnt show CAMERA ICON, so you have to take them previously, wich is not the best method.

From a SHARED FORM: from here works PERFECT.

  • It allow multiple files
  • It allow CAMERA ICON.

What i need (and i think rest of the people) is to have a behaviour like the shared forms, i mean allowing multiple files, and to have the camera icon from anywhere you can upload info…

Thanks, help me with your feedback

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Hey @hlopezvc

Thank you for sharing this!

When you say from “Uploads” and “Archive column” what are you referring to?

Are the uploads an update inside the item? Is an archive column a file column?

Thanks for clarifying for us!

yes !! my bad…

Upload are Updates inside the pulses
Archive column are file column !!

having this feature will improve the functionality and speed on uploading pics or docs.


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