Monitor free text fields content

Hello all, please is there a way to monitor free text fields in or any app to do it?
This would be to moderate content (example to prevent saving some words, or show an alert when there is a warning)

thank you very much

Hello Bas, please could you maybe help me with this question?
thank you, marialba

hi @marialba

I am not aware of any app that does this. As I understand you correctly you want to monitor (long) text columns (and possibly also updates) and prevent certain words / phrases. Reading and possibly rejecting or replacing certain words for ********* would not be too difficult for text columns, I do not have great experience with updated but it looks like doable too. The difficulty is to find phrases as you need to analyse context. I’ll have a look if there are any services that could be integrated and let you knwow.

hi @marialba

There are several node.js packages available that filter bad language, like Swearjar NPM | I didn’t find any external service providing something like this. What you could do is build an app that triggers on a column change, the app would:

  • read the column content
  • sanitize it (using *** for bad language)
  • write to the column

This would require to build an app. Besides monitoring a text column you can also monitor updates this way.

thank you, marialba.


I’ve added the alert logic to our Bridges - Columns app, currently in beta and under review to be included in the monday marketplace.

You can see the details for the app here: Bridges-Columns

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