Monthly, Quarter and TBD Dates

Hello Monday Community,

I have several projects that are either in queue that have TBD dates or projected start dates that are defined in either Quaters or Months. Is there a way to add a feature where you can select a month or quarter for the start date. Of course we narrow this down, but this would be helpful when looking at the queue and forecasting. This would also be helpful when breaking projects down in the Kanban Board without adding several columns.

Unless this is already a feature and if so can someone guide me on how this would work?

Hi @MCanterll!

Have you considered adding status columns with values for each month/Quarter? This would allow you to categorize the projects by month and you could later set a different column start date when you plan the actual date.

You could then use either a kenban, or chart or dashboard the projects schedule for each month/quarter.
The other option is you could set the date column to the first day of the quarter or month you are scheduling and then create a chart with date as the x axis and grouped by month/Quarter.

Hopefully I’m on the right track with your question, let me know if that helps or if you have additional Qs.

I would like the ability to show Dates as months or quarters also. I don’t really want to have to select it from a drop down, I just want to be able to select a due date then another date column will automatically show which quarter it is due in. Is this possible? Thanks!

Take a look here:

You might find what you need.