More clarity and options for @mention items

First of all I have to say that @mention for items is great, and I fully support @mention for “all the things”! That being said the following two features would increase the clarity for all users when using @mention for items:

  1. Make it clear (color, border, anything), on the item where the update is mirrored, that the update was added to another item. As it is now it sometimes causes confusion as there is no way (other than “context clues”) to determine where the update was added (or am I missing something?).
  2. Give the user a choice whether to mirror (or not) the update on the @mention’d item. And to be clear, not as a global setting but at the time of each mention. This would be useful for those updates where you just want to point someone in the right direction and the update is really irrelevant for the @mention’d item.
  3. This one I am less clear on what could be done, but when an item is @mention’d in a reply to an update it can get kinda confusing when the whole “thread” is mirrored to the @mention’d item.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!