More flexibility in defining workdays

We use Monday for scheduling work internally and externally. We also use workday for capacity management so we don’t overwork our employees and/or miss customer deadlines.

We work a 10 hr. per day, 4 day (Mon-Thurs) week. Our biggest challenge is that if we have a multi-week project, the timeline is including 5 working days. If we have a project that will take 15 hours, that is a day and a half of work for us. With workload, it assumes an 8 hour workday. If we have a 60 hours job, it will show that we will be done mid Wednesday of the following week. In our world, they are finished at the end of Tuesday of the following week. If we have three tasks that take 3 hours per task, we will have an hour left in the day versus Monday showing that we are over capacity for that day.

This creates a lot of confusion internally with different individuals that may not fully understand the limitations/assumptions and makes it hard to gain adoption amongst our associates.

On a multi-week/month project, we are currently using multiple timeline columns (currently - nine) so that it shows on the calendars correctly. The area of the company that uses the workload view, has to manually do math to figure out the what the actual workload is for a particular day.
Screenshot 2022-07-06 125238

Screenshot 2022-07-06 125403

Yes please to adding this feature! Right now, after a schedule shift my dependent tasks often get pushed onto weekend days when no one is working. I have to manually change the sequence so nothing shows on Sat/Sun. Super frustrating.