More supported fields to populate new items and sub-items automations

We create new items in different boards and that’s triggered by custom automations when a specific status change or button click happens. Our problem is that the supported fields for populating new items is limited. We would love if item id, triggering user, last update user, data from mirrored columns and data from formulas could be used to populate columns in the new items, sub-items, boards, groups and updates. Because we don’t have this option we are using Zapier and integromat to populate but those services also have problems reading formulas, user ids and more.

I think this feature could be a game changer for the internal communication and enhance custom automations a lot by amplifying the task of transpassing important information to other boards, teams, workflows and more.

:hugs: you are great!

PS: If you once implement this feature, it could be great to consider plain data structure when populating. I mean… when you populate items in this moment, there’s an automatic space between data but with this feature and that automatic space between data bubble gone, users would have the possibility to automate the creation of links, complex texts, integer numbers and more.