More task label options for Workload view

For our use case, it doesn’t seem to matter how I set things up in the end. If I want meaningful workload views, I do need to have more versatile labels in that Workload view.

I am seeing the formula column to be pretty powerful in terms of consolidating text to create the labels, but from both your comments and help files, it is clear the formula is tied to the line it is on and cannot pull from a parent item.

It would be quite helpful for a sub-item to know what it’s parent is and draw info from it. A formula function that could pull a field from the parent line, or a mirror function that just always mirrors an entry from the parent could maybe help.

The simplest example I can think of is this case here:

• I need a workload view to report what is happening here. I have main job with 2 sub tasks. The main job is “Pipeline”.
• What gets assigned to my technical staff is the sub-items: Drafting and Checking.
• When I report to a workload view of my whole team, I know these people are busy, but I may have 10 projects with a “drafting” sub-item description on the go at the same time from different jobs. My team will have correct timeline and workload info, but the labels could all end up just being “drafting’ which is too vague for our needs.
• Currently, the Timeline and Workload views will show the subitem description and parent description “Drafting | Pipeline”

• The feature request is to open up that label options to allow other columns as a source. Subitem-Job#-Client would be an example, so the above would instead read “Drafting-52817-A & B Rail Services”

My problem could also be solved my manually entering more data. I could re-enter job and client info for every subitem’s description, but the info already exists in the parent, so I’d like to use it.

I picture instead, a formula column with entry similar to excel, when you reference a different tab in the same workbook. It would be like Excel’s =Sheet2!A1, only it would be =Parent!Client, where you could be in a sub-item and pull the “Client” column entry from the “Parent” pulse.

The Gantt view is not an ideal fit and the Workload view is the winner for us but I am noticing that the Gantt view has the most powerful label settings where you can pick and choose text. If I were to have a working formula in my subitem, these label settings look as though they are not bad as-is (these label settings just don’t exist in the workload view).

Thanks again for your time