Move a Selection of Items Together

Seems like a very basic feature but I’ve noticed it is missing.


  • Multi-select a bunch of items on your board in the default view
  • Click and hold one of them
  • Drag around should drag all the selection not just the one item
  • Drop them wherever you need them

Generally if I have a lot of items, let’s say a large backlog, and then I want to move some around or reorganise, I have to either move them 1-by-1 currently, or I have to move them to another group first and then move them back, to get them at the bottom of the original group I had them in.

This is not how I want to be organising & moving things. Multi-select and then drag and drop is pretty common in UX, and would be the obvious solution.

Additionally: If multi-select and then drag & drop could work on the Timeline view as well, that would be swell.

Great suggestion @John_S, it has been suggested before (Move pulses to top or bottom, or any position ) and I hope Monday will consider implementing small but very effective enhancements like these. It would improve work comfort. Like it

@Eltjo I see! Yeah there it was mentioned as a comment on a slightly differently described feature, so I hope it being described here as the main suggestion, will help it move along more easily.

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