Move item into another board's group

Hi everybody,

I have an issue with one automation. I would like to move an item into another board’s group when the status is Done.
For example : Board 1 - Current projects - Done =>
Board 2 - Ended projects

My problem is, in board 2 i have other groups : Ended projects, PLV ended projects, Ended Catalogs …

When i create an automation, the item in board 1 move randomly into groupe’s Board 2.
I want Board 1 - PLV item goes to Board 2 - Ended PLV
Board 1 - Current projects goes to Board 2 - Ended projects
Board 1 - Current Catalog goes to Board 2 - Ended Catalog

Can you help me. I’m sorry if i am not clear.

Thank You

I think we have the same question. I asked Monday customer support and they sent me this super helpful video. I hope it helps!