Move Item to Board

Is there a way to move an item to a different board using the API? I’ve found a way to move it to a different group but not a different board.

Hey @darren :wave:

Our API does not currently support moving an item between boards. Only between groups on the same board.

With that said, there’s a couple workarounds you might implement:

1 - Login to and set up an automation so that on status change, the item will move to a different board. (This will then retain the same Item ID on both boards.)

This will require a bit of setup within the UI, but you can then trigger the automation by changing the status column via API.

2 - Query the item’s relevant columns, create a new item on another board using those same column values, then archive or delete the original item. (This will not retain the same Item ID on both boards)

Might one of those options work for you? :slight_smile: