Move item to group when all sub-items are done

I’m part of a team where we need to keep track of ALL our tasks - once they are marked as done, they move to the ‘done’ group and stay there.

We’ve started using sub-items pretty much everywhere now, but the problem is that the only automation i can find is that when a sub-item is compelted, it moves the item to a specific group.

The problem with this is that it only takes into consideration 1 of the multiple sub-items. So, if I automate it, when one of multiple sub-items is marked as done, the entire item gets moved.

When creating a custom automation, it simply won’t allow me to say ‘when all sub-item statuses change to x’, despite this actually being in multiple of the ‘sub-item’ templates. Not sure why?

Can anyone help with this?


You might want to try combining these 2 automations: