Move item when recognizing a key to another board


I need to move an item from one board to another but based on a code/text in the item title. There will be items that should be moved to one board and to another depending on the key/text.

Hey Francisco! Charlotte here! :wave: I’d love to suggest a couple of ideas for this workflow! :blush:

While there isn’t an automated way to move an item based on the title, you could do try one of the following ideas:

  1. Search within your account/board for the code or text and then batch select the items and manually move them to another board.

  2. Add a Dropdown Column or Status Column to contain these codes/texts in your items and use a custom automation recipe to move the items to another board like this:
    “When an item is created, and only if dropdown contains one of these labels, then move item to board”

What do you think of these ideas? Let me know! :blush: