Move pulse to sub-items (& reverse)

As a new user to Monday, I have a board with all my tasks. When I add tasks, I sometimes need to move a couple of them as sub-tasks. Could you build a way to move a couple of tasks to sub-tasks of a new task (like when moving pulses to another group). :pray:

I completely agree, I’ve had a few scenarios now where I would either (a) like to convert a top-level task to a sub item of another task and (b) convert a sub item to a main task. This would be a welcome addition to the sub-items functionality.

They have a road map for sub-items you can see here

Agreed, a bit of an oversight in the functionality as this is standard when working with sub tasks in any other project tool. It would be great if this can be scheduled sooner than later (currently TBD in the road map link posted above).