Moving a row/item from one board to another

Hi all,

Since last Friday I have a problem with moving rows between different boards.

We have 5 different boards with exactly the same structure. Some columns have the formula function and the formula’s are the same.

When I’ll try to move a row from one board to another it says that the formula columns cannot be moved. The weird thing is that this worked perfectly until last week and we’ve changed nothing in the structure.

Is there someone experiencing the same problem? Was there an update or something?

It would be great if some have a solution!

Thanks! :smile:

Hi @daxraaf - Unless it’s stopping you from moving the item, I would ignore that message. Technically the formula never “moved” from board to board. The formula just calculates as configured on each board independently. Perhaps they added that message so newer people who don’t have matching formula columns would be aware, but it’s not a bug.

Now if it’s preventing you from moving the items entirely, then I would reach out to support and let them know.