Moving a Subitem to a New Board (without the parent)

Has anybody found a way to successful way move a Subitem to a new item in a separate board?

The use case:

Currently our marketing team is having our marketing requests submitted via Monday form. Once they are marked them complete, I was hoping to create a cache, by client, for all of these requests. How we do that a lot of times at my company is tracking all clients as items, and all tasks as subitems (for one clean view and flexibility)

So, for example, let’s say our sales rep requested a Walmart Flyer via form, it gets created, then completed by the team. I envisioned our workflow then being: Convert to Subitem (giving ownership to a parent item that will be a dummy task at bottom. This board will have identical columns at both the item and subitem level) > then move to a new item in a different board (where the item will be a client name, and this “request” will be it’s subitem, and yes the subitem columns match) .

I am interested in any and all workarounds or suggestions, but I really like tracking clients at the item level and tasks at the subitem level.