Moving Files Column Across Boards

Hello - I’m having an issue with the files column where when I attempt to move groups amongst different boards the files in the files column disappear.

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Same here, anyone help with this as it seems to have changes recently? I have been moving pulses from board to board and the files have always moved fine. But the last two in the last week have disappeared?

Also, if anyone knows how the find those missing files? Maybe a central repository where the files go to which might still hold those files?

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Does this post from @PolishedGeek help?

If not then utilizing programs like Integromat would do the trick, just requires more set up.


Thank you for the suggestion but it is not quite the help needed in my case. We are not using automations to make the move I am manually trying to move the item to another board which is losing the files. We have a work around at the min as we just create the item on the board B and think created a mirror to link so it shows the files in both boards. However, this doesn’t change the fact there might be a bug meaning the files get lost? Regards


I understand. Could you still do this semi-manually by setting up an automation that copies the item, then move the copy manually? If you are worried about potential bugs and losing the file, you could just archive the original so its saved.