Moving Items to New Board (when Columns Don't Match)

Hello again!

Have another use case and feature request (if this is currently possible, would love someone to call me an idiot and show me how to do it).

We have an intake board that we created with the purpose of allowing us to publish a request portal form for other teams in our company to request work. Once they’ve submitted a request, an item is created and put into a review queue. Our team leads can then review the requests and approve or reject, which triggers automations.

When an item is approved, it moves to the backlog in our Tasks and Projects board.

On that board, we have different columns setup (i.e. the request board outlined above has things like original requester, email address, etc., that are captured from the form, whereas our Tasks and Project board does not need those columns).

We currently use the automation for moving tasks with the status “Approved” over to the Tasks and Project board and it would be awesome if there was an ability to automate a comment on the ticket as well with information from columns.

i.e. Automation triggers moving approved item from Request Board to Project Board --> in the automation options we can choose to create a comment with xx and yy column data (so we could push the original requester name and email address to a comment rather than needing to create a new column or tag).


Hey @iamcodymyers

Thanks for explaining your use case - sounds like this is a great example of monday forms + cross-board automations!

At the moment, we don’t have the option to insert the data which is missing in the 2nd board but appears in the 1st board as an update which I think is what you’re suggesting!

What you could to, to avoid losing that information is to use the automation which duplicates the item on the 2nd board when a status is changed on the first board:

Right now, the 2 items won’t be synced after this happens but it will be good for record purposes on the original requester board.

Do you think that could work as a workaround?

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Hi Julia! :slight_smile:

Yeah it’d be a good temporary work around for sure, let me try it out and I’ll keep you posted on that.

The challenge from a simplicity standpoint for our team would be getting guys to go back and check to see if there was more info on the original request on the first board, rather than only looking at the second board if that makes sense.