Moving several pulses at the same time


I’d love to be able to select several items and when I move either of them, they all move at the same time. Use case scenario: when creating roadmaps with dependencies, I might need a whole group of tasks to be dragged higher or lower in the group. It’s really time-consuming to have to move each item one by one when I could be moving the whole group using the “select items” feature.


Hi @ElissaM - it is possible to select multiple items and use the move option in the bottom dialog to select which group (or board) to move them to.

Let me know if you were referring to something else?


Hey @mark.anley

Thanks for your reply! This option allows me to move items to a different group or board, it doesn’t allow me to move the items within the group. Even if I use the option “move to top,” it will only move one item at a time. Here’s an example:


I’d love to be able to move Item 1, Item 2, and Item 3 together rather than one by one!

Hi @ElissaM - I dont know of a way to move multiple items within its group. If the reason you are wanting to move these within the same group to maintain a specific sort order? You can use the sort option at the board level, or you can now sort groups individually


Hopefully this is of some help.


Thanks for the suggestion @mark.anley! This could be helpful in some situations.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to solve the issue for the use case I had in mind. When I create roadmaps, items correspond to steps in our process but there’s no way to sort them. It’s subjective, and based on no criteria except “Okay, we might want to do these steps first after all.” And when I have to move 10 steps (so, 10 items), I wish I could just move them at the same time!

Thanks @ElissaM this makes sense. Sadly I cannot think of a way to accomplish this properly without a different kind of manual workaround. You could add task numbers (10,20,30,40) etc then have the board or group sorted by this column ascending, however you would need to relabel the task numbers when things change which is likely the same effort as manually moving them…