Moving standalone Monday doc into a Monday doc column

I have a quick query about using Monday docs. I have made a handful of Monday docs in the folder (left hand panel). Now I have created a board and I want to move these docs to be inside a Monday doc column. It seems strange there is no ability to move these docs. I have tried clicking on the doc icon inside the colum and it only create a new document. I had hoped it should be able to link to existing documents or be able to import it across? Any ideas?

Hi Tony,

If you use a File column instead of Monday Doc column, you’ll be able to connect an existing doc. However, this is more like mirroring the doc and doesn’t solve your problem of wanting to have the docs moved into the columns and out of your workspace panel.

Unless things have advanced further with Monday Docs (I only use minimally), you might have to manually copy/paste the old doc contents into new docs on the board, and then delete the old docs.