Moving Tracked Time in the Time Tracking Column

I work in a design department and we have been using the time tracking column to track time spent on jobs. Between two of the designers, time has been tracked on two separate boards.

Q. Is there a way to copy time from one cell to a cell on another board?

I don’t want to have to manually add each session.

hi @streety

It depends on what exactly you want as the end result. The app Match Index Column ( Apps Marketplace) copies the time entries from one board to another board based on a unique key shared with both items. The key needs to be unique so it copies the time tracker column data for exactly one item. The time tracker on the target board will show the overall time, but not the individual sessions.

If you want to aggregate all time entries in a source board and add them together (either numeric or as text) you can use the Rollup Multiple Boards ( app. This apps shows on the target board (often called master board) an item for each detail board and aggregates all kind of data.

Hey @streety! Hopefully, @basdebruin’s suggestions helped but if not, let us know at and we’d be happy to help with this! :blush:

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