MS Word Templates from Board Fields

Hi there we have a features request. We operate in Healthcare and I am part of the Business Development support team. We use as a CRM/Sales Pipeline tool whereby we deal with customers who need to be sent proposals, letters, etc. Is there a way in currently (or am I totally missing it) that could allow a workflow or a button to be clicked and certain client details from within a board item such name and address etc, could be automatically merged into a Word document? We currently do it the old fashioned way then have to save it in word and make a PDF on our PC’s then we have to upload docs into Monday and it is very time consuming. Any Apps or plug ins that I a missing? I searched the web and saw something called Integromat but it looks like a whole other platform?

Works great!
This will generate .doc and .pdf and upload it to a files column.

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Hi @RRojas813 - Denstad is correct, DocuGen is your best monday option for this. You can create multiple MS Word templates and dynamically insert board data, then save it back to a column in monday. If you need help getting it set up, they have excellent support or you can hire a partner agency to help you implement the DocuGen app and optimize your workflow.