Multi Auth // Apps

Hi Team,
We are facing some issues with the AUTH setup in our application. We want to integrate the authorization in our app where a user can have multiple accounts where he can login through just like email(phone burner_auth_url in our case) screenshot attached

  • We tried for this and created the code for the front end page, also tried to integrate through the authorization url in our app

  • We are stuck as to how to integrate this react page in our app so that it gets displayed when the user adds any recipe to the board also the user has already an account setup so that he can choose from drop down if he wants to add another account

  • We want to display this page inside account itself

If anyone can help with this issue it would be great

Hey @mclaughlin5360 :wave:

I’d love to clarify this further! When a user creates a recipe using your app, they will be redirected to your app’s Authorization URL with a JWT token in the query params. At that point, your app should decode the JWT, and check if this user ID on that specific account ID has already gone through an Auth flow previously. From there, if they’ve already completed Auth before, you should offer the option to pick the account, and if not, they will need to restart the Auth flow from there.

This is currently something your app should handle on the Auth URL. Does that make sense?

Let me know!