Multi Board Item Link - Question

Good afternoon,

The question I’m going to ask next is related to the “Multi Board Item Links” function, which is in its Alpha phase. More information on this link.

Are mirror columns able to obtain the numerical total of a set of items from another board, when this information is contained in a formula column?

So I set up the relationship described above and a blue “n/a” appeared, with the caption “one of the values in this column must be numeric” or something similar.

I arrived just a few minutes later and it was functioning normally. This function appears to has a certain delay. Should this improve after it is officially implemented?

Same problem again.
Just tried everything: remade links, changed fórmulas and nothing seems to work.
I’ll just wait until tomorrow to open a call.

I wrote this message on sunday. This bug would be a big problem in a work day.