Multi Board Item Links ALPHA version is out!

I agree with this… any news in this long waited release??? hello, could you help me activate this for please?

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Hi and could you please activate this for me as well?
This would be great - Thanks in advance! and
Would like this activated for

Thanks and
Would like this activated for

Hi everyone!

Itai here from the support team.

We are at the very last stages of finalising the multi board item links and multi mirroring capabilities and are hoping to start gradually release it by the end of this month!

While we can’t grant it to specific accounts, bear with us as this will be out for everyone in the upcoming weeks!



Hi @itaishabtai is there an update on this? Will we be able to link to items on multiple boards? For example we have a single client board but we link it to 3 other boards we would love to have a mirror column on the client board that can mirror the three boards at one time


Hi where is this add for the whole roll out as we aren’t able to use it yet