Multi Board Item Links ALPHA version is out!

Hello - I did send a PM as well to him, but haven’t heard back yet. I sent my email address I use and the link for our site.

Thank you,

I have sent a message to, but no response.

Hello - I’ve sent a couple of messages, but am not receiving a response. Am I to be looking somewhere else for response? can you opt me in please?

Hey @KatieFrank @AdriannaAmaseu multi-board item links should be available on your accounts now – if you add the link to item column, are you able to link it to multiple boards at once? Let me know if you do not see this functionality so I can look into it further! can you add this to my account? We had access but noticed it was removed.

Hello, thanks for your response. This is still not an option for me to use. Can you please help me? hi,
do you have any info on using roll up mirror functions on multi-boards linked?

Hello I’m not able to link to multiple boards at once within the link to item column.

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Is it possible to change the click hotspot area when viewing the linked items? Currently, you have to click on the expand arrows to see the linked item summary details. Clicking anywhere else off the item will unlink the item. This i feel is prone to error. And behaves differently from multi-selecting on pulses.

Couple ideas:
Idea #1: Make the hotspot behave like pulses. Where the only when to select/deselect to link/unlink is to click on the checkbox itself. Clicking anywhere else on the linked item will bring up the detail modal.
Idea #2: Hide the checkboxes when in view linked items mode. Only show checkboxes in add links mode.


I haven’t been able to get it to work on my board either :frowning:

Can you please send me a PM with your account URL once more? I’ll check on this!

Can you send me a PM with your account URL? Happy to look into this!

We would like to activated this on our account too. Thank you for your help!

I am having the same issue. I will PM you!

Hi - can you please add to my company account too? could you please grant me this functionality- I don’t know how to PM on this interface, so please advise. can you opt me/us in please?


Can you enable it for my account as well


I’d like this activated on my account too, It’s very argent/
This is my account -