Multi Board Item Links ALPHA version is out!

Hi and, I sent you both PMs last week, and would love for this to be activated on my account. Thanks!

granted to your account!

granted to your account as well!

Hi, could you activate this feature for my account, please? iliana.gonzalez

Hey Colleen! We just need your account URL or email!

Granted it for you as well :slight_smile: @tpark

This should be coming out sometime later in this quarter or early q2 - its on our radar!


I’m confused. Isn’t this feature already live on Monday?

When i add the “link to item” column, there is already a checkbox option to link multiple items. How is this different?

Could you please add this to my account please!?


Could I please get this added to our account:

Could you please add me as well.

Any news on when the mirror columns will be added to this update as i’m getting pretty desperate to get my high and low boards linked up to the max?

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Could you please add me as well –

Please activate this on my account