Multi Board Item Links ALPHA version is out!

At the moment the link feature only allows to link to one other board. Yes you can link to multiple items but all of those items can only be from one board.

The new feature looks like it will allow linking of multiple items across multiple boards.


And dont forget to include the hability to link entire board or groups, you cant be clicking one by one pulses in boards with more than 1000 pulses.


Hi It would be great if you can give access to this board


Is it possible to activate this for our account? It would help as a lot for some workflow we are currently designing before introducing rest of the company to

Thanks in advance!

Hi and May we please request activation for account GoldNet

have immediate need for this feature and would be most thankfull if you can add us to the Alpha.

Many thanks,


Hi and Any chance you can add this feature for me asap? I’m also in desperate need of it.

Many thanks!


Getting more and more multiple boards linked in the linkedin column I must say we are enjoying the ALPHA release. Thanks for this and adding it to

Is there any change you are able to give an ETA on the multiple mirror setting?

This would give the feature even more power. Thanks!



Hi and

Would love if this could be activated on my account

Wishing your team safety and comfort in this crazy time!


Please activate this for my account we need this too

features needed:

  • multiple boards linking supporting mirror and rollup capabilites
  • support mirror columns on automations
  • support mirror columns information on mobile apps (example when you click in a mirrored column it doesnt do anything.

Please we need this.


Hi and have asked a few times to be added.

@GoldNetAU Sorry for the delay here, with all of the messages on this thread it can be easy to lose track – next time please send us a PM so we can see it more clearly!

I’ve gone ahead and granted this for your account, please refresh for access :slight_smile: also this will only work for newly created link to item columns!

Hi Brian,

Many thanks m8.


Hi there,
Please activate this wonderful feature to my account.

We would like to have this as well, please:

Hello, can you activate this feature on my account so I can test it?

What’s the progress on mirroring columns from multiple board links? This is probably my company’s #1 most wanted feature right now.


Please can I get this function? Is there any idea when this will become an official function in MDC?

It would be useful for more people within my company -

my account is

Please activate this feature on our account as well. We need it urgently

Many thanks,

Would love access as well!

Email: &