Multilevel Boards

Hi Guys!

I am blocked! I have not been able to solve this matter easily. So I am asking for help.

I need to make a multilevel board that connects in four levels, the information flows upwards, just the lower level feeds information and it is the same information in all boards. Each group (connected with arrows as in PDF attached) must be manage separately.

I´ll appreciate any help or ideas you can give me.


hi @jorge.apud

The picture looks very much like the picture used for this app: Apps Marketplace. This Rollup Multiple Boards (RMB) app aggregates data from a lower level board to an item in the higher level board. Not sure if that is what you are looking for. If you don’t want this aggregation you will end up with a very large board at the top level. You can think of aggregation as showing the column summaries of a boards and into the higher level board 2.1.1.

Thanks a lot Bas!
I’ll look into it and I´ll let you know.
This is been very helpful


Thanks again for you reply.

I am looking for solution that doesn´t require an extra paying app, perhaps a way to organize and uses link and mirror columns, or something like that, or any other idea that you think might help.

Thanks again