Multiple custom dropdown fields

Hi, I’m trying to create a new automation with two custom dropdown input fields. When I click on the first one it loads the list from the backend, but when I click the second one (with a different Remote Options URL) it shows the same list even though it should be different. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Also, how can I read the value of the first dropdown, so I can dynamically change the second dropdown?

Thanks in advance for you help!

hi @beestree, Beerd

This is a confirmed bug, I hope solves this one very fast.

For dependencies between dropdown I read an article on the community that they are working on that one too. For the moments the short answer is: can’t be done.

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Hey there @beestree! :wave:

@basdebruin thank you for taking this one on! I really appreciate that and just to confirm, both of those are already in our schedule, and we hope to make further improvements there as soon as possible. I do understand the urgency related to the challenge, but I’m afraid I can’t commit to an ETA just yet.


Hi @basdebruin,

Thanks for your fast reply! I hope this will get fixed soon

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Hi @AlexSavchuk, @beestree

I really hope these are solved before the submission date as they both really limit my app’s functionality.

Alex, just to be prepared for what is planned. Can you find out if the boardId from the board where the automation is being configured is passed in the request for the options? If not I need to make some changes in my app to have another dropdown where the user selects the something where I can derive the boardId from and make the existing dropdown dependent on this new one. For me the option to have the boardId in the request would be even more valuable than having dependent dropdown boxes :slight_smile:

Hi @beestree, @AlexSavchuk

Don’t know if you got the good message. This one in solved by the amazing dev team. I have tested it and can confirm you can now use multiple dropdown boxes in a single recipe.

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@basdebruin amazing, thanks so much for sharing the good news! I just saw the heads up from our developers as well, I’m glad you’ve got the feature you needed and seems like it arrived sooner, rather than later :slight_smile:

I’ll let our developers know it’s working well and seems to behave the way you were looking for. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.



Thanks for letting us know, I really appreciate it. I’m very glad that it is working now.

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Hi @basdebruin and @AlexSavchuk,

After playing a bit with this, I have another question. Is it possible to populate the second dropdown based on the value that is selected in the first one?