Multiple default status column items

Hi, I see that we can set a default for the different statuses in a status column.

Here’s my problem: I have various boards that various people input information into that are then moved into a main board where they all reside once they are dealt with (e.g. paid/completed). Sometimes I have to add, remove or change a status. Then I have to go into all of the boards and change this manually on them all (making sure the text and the colours are all perfect matches).

I wonder if you could either:

  1. Make so that you can link statuses. I realize this could be quite complex, as the system would have to check ALL linked boards/status columns to make sure a status you are trying to delete isn’t in use in one of the boards. But adding and changing shouldn’t be an issue.

Alternatively… and probably easier…

  1. Instead of having just ONE default status setting, could you make multiple? Best case would be to be able to name them, then when you create a status column, maybe you could put in column settings (or somewhere in the creation process… which would make it unnecessary to check for items that are in use) an option to choose one of these named defaults.

With this second option, when I make a change, at least I don’t have to search through every status on every column that I want to be linked (usually this involves opening two instances of Monday side by side, so I can compare and match up the statuses in a changed board with the statuses in other boards that I’m trying to get to match). I could just add a new column with the new defaults and then I can batch change any of the statuses on the old status column to the new one, and then delete the old one. As is, I’m finding the easiest way to do this is to move pulses from all the boards I want to change to one board… make the changes on that board, then duplicate it and move everything back.